Mitch Clem

Mitch wrote the first webcomic I ever read (Nothing Nice to Say) and got me into a lot of music that I dearly love to this day. His output has had a huge impact on my life in multiple areas and continues to do so to this day. Mitch is also the creator and editor of the punk comic anthology As You Were, which is helping to bring a lot of other amazing cartoonists to my attention.

Liz Prince

Another voice in the punk-meets-comics realm, Liz’s style and voice are unmistakable on the page. Her web output has dropped in frequency lately, mostly due to the fact that she’s been working on multiple full-length books! I’m excited to say the least.

Lucy Knisley

Reading Lucy’s comics makes me want to have an adventure, whether it’s traveling somewhere new or just eating something I’ve never tried before.

Julia Wertz

Julia makes self-deprecating, sarcastic comics that make you love her, as well as some heart-wrenching confessions about her struggles with alcohol. Recently she’s been focused more on urban exploration than drawing, but her past (and, hopefully, future) publications are worth tracking down.

Ramsey Beyer

I’m pretty new to Ramsey’s work, but once I discovered her comics I devoured everything I could get my hands on. She draws true stories about music, youth, travel, and growing up that make me smile and give me hope for the world.